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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Shabra Online, Shabra Group's unique online database providing a huge variety of household & industry products for a wide range of customers. With Shabra Online, we aim to provide our clients with value for money, offering quality recycled household & industry products at truly unbeatable prices. Boasting a large and varied product portfolio, you are sure to find just what you need at Shabra Online.

Shabra's large, purpose-built premises serve three functions, operating as an integrated recycling, manufacturing and supply plant.



The plant uses both mechanised and manual processes to reclaim plastic. Plastics are hugely varied and are not always compatible with each other. These must be identified and manually separated and then have all excess material removed. The plastic then must be downsized, baled, shredded and washed before being melted and recycled as pellets. The blend of types of plastic that occurs is vital, to ensure that only compatible polymer types are combined. This part of the process is fully mechanised. The plastic recycled is then extruded into plastic bags and cut to size. The facilities onsite also include paper shredding and wood shredding. As a recognised leader in the waste reclamation business, Shabra will also, subject to our minimum requirements, arrange collection, storage and reprocessing of a wide variety of waste materials types.



All of our customers use our extensive store in Castleblayney for various supplies which include paper bags and packaging made and printed to customer requirements. Our supply of catering disposables, janitorial supplies and chemicals for catering and industrial applications is also one of Ireland's largest, and in many cases, such as the catering and industrial spillages absorbent snow, we are the country's sole suppliers. 


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